Texas Deal Toys

GoLucites is one of the top deal toy suppliers in the US and globally. In Texas, we have created deal tombstone designs for the Investment Banking industry, Private Equity, and Private Banking.

In Texas, we have served Dallas, Houston, San Antonio & Austin with most of their deal toys requests.

Thank You Crystal Award

Nice crystal corporate award based on the client’s logo with a frosted back and text etched on a crystal block.

Beer Replica Lucite Award

Let’s celebrate with a nice Beer replica deal toy. An investment banking transaction with OMLs – an onshore mining company in Nigeria.

Mining Deal Tombstone

A creative deal financial tombstone commemorating the standup of a royalty company engaged in the mining of the mineral Trona.

Financial Deal Award

Traditional and classy crystal award commemorating an m&a deal.

Texas Deal Tombstone Thor - Themed Hammer

Lucite Deal Toy featuring a Thor Hammer pewter replica sitting on a crystal water wave.

Texas Map - Themed Deal Tombstone

High-end crystal award featuring a nice frosted crystal map with a black lucite.

Texas Elegant Finance Tombstone

Logo-Themed Tombstone Deal made out of crystal with images and text printed on front and back.

Texas Energy Tombstone Finance

M&A Tombstone made out of acrylic, pewter & marble.

Texas Cowboy Deal Toys Boots

Deal text etched directly on cowboy boots commemorating an investment banking transaction.

Acquisition and Merger Financial Award

This is a very creative way to celebrate this corporate merger deal with Oilfield water logistics “Provides midstream water infrastructure and services to the energy industry”

Classic & Elegant Crystal Award

Traditional clear crystal rectangle award with client’s logo etched on the back.