Deal Toys Case Studies

From client’s idea to our artist final creation.

Which design will you choose?

Bofa Securities Case Studies

A transaction involving in a M&A, as well as equity and debt  issuances.

Client get in touch with us by emailing us a Draft design that their senior team had on mind. As you can see they wanted a deal toy that is football themed.

Our Artist immediately started the design process providing 2 options based on what our client wanted to see and in this case we added an additional 2 more creative designs related to the football theme.

Seeing that 4 options were giving the turnaround was 48 -72 hours.

Option 1:

In this particular design we did a crystal base with the football field image etched on the bottom of it and right in the middle the client’s logo in white font so it can be visible.

On the back we included a 0.39 inches crystal block and two little flags on each side representing the codenames for acquirer and  target.

The only pieces that were not done by GoLucites were the little helmets which were outsourced from our certified third party vendor which we know the quality of material they work with.

Case Study 1 - Option 1 Hawkeye

Option 2:

Here the base remained the same where the only difference occurred in the back part of the piece.

The text needed to be viewed as a football scoreboard so we did the pillars in aluminum and we increased the dimensions so the little flags looked much smaller.

Case Study 1- Option 2 Hawkeye

Option 3:

Our artist kept the base and mini helmets the same and they just changed the back part of the deal toy adding two football players on each side of it.

Instead of having a block of crystal for the text, artist made a few changes to make a curve shape on top and bottom.

At the sides little cuts giving shapes to the football players.

Option 4:

Again no difference on the color of the base but only were added the flags on the front part of the lucite.

A football cut out shape made of out crystal  with the text and images of football players printed on it make the design  very classy and simple.

Winner design that was picked by the client

The lucky design was option#2 with changes to be done. A few of them were:


  • Dimensions need to be 15”L x 7”W
  • Adding a white border around the field, so as to box-in the field and create the look of a sideline
  • Adding a white line for each goal line, similar to an actual football field
  • Remove the arrow on the 50 yard line, and show just the number there


  • Dimensions need to be 7”W x 4”H
  • Square off the edges, add a black border and frost the crystal
  • Make the poles 2.5” – 3” tall
  • For the center portion for the M&A piece, make it bigger. Have the text and logos all be slightly larger in the middle.
  • Text changes


  • Both were changed to 3 inches from base to point of triangle.
  • Changing the flag names
  • Correct placement of it.

Changes are usually done within 24 hours. As a result of it, artist came out with this revised design where it looks much more sharpening.

Case Study 1 - Option 6a Hawkeye

This project took approximately 1 month for designs and production of a sample.

Thank you Bank of America for giving us the opportunity to work on Project HAWKEYE.

Client Scotiabank

This transaction  involved an offshore oil asset.

Client emailed the deal transaction details, exact text and logos to be included and asked us to include on the deal toy and offshore underwater rig.

Based on the description given to us by the client, our artist worked on 2 options.

Case Study 2 underwater rig

Option 1:

A mix of material was included in this customized deal toy design.

The base was made out of stone to represent land, the text is printed on a clear lucite block where we embedded a metal pipe.

On top we added 2 pewter pieces (Boat and offshore rig)

Case Study 2 - Oil rig on ship

Option 2:

Here we only used 2 types of materials.

A block crystal base where we have the text color filled and on top a 3d model either in pewter or resin of an oil rig.

Winner design that was picked by the client

Client made the decision to move forward with option#2 with the following changes:

  • Overall dimensions
  • Space and tex changes

Within 24 hours the final design was sent to client for approval

This project took approximately 7 weeks for designs and final production.

Thank you Scotiabank for giving us the opportunity to work on Project JAGUAR.

Client CITI

This transaction involves an equity Common Stock offering by Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

Client shared 3 ideas their senior team had in mind. A Pyramid lucite shape and a Helix embedded inside.

A 3d model Lucite Helix and finally a Test Tube Deal Toy idea.

Seeing that everything was given to us in this case, artist didn’t work on a creative option.

Option 1:

As per client request, artist did a crystal pyramid shape with a helix 3d etched inside.

A purple color strip was added on the bottom.

Case Study 3 - Option 1 - Purple

Option 2:

A custom crystal block with a Helix 3d etch inside and a light led on bottom.

Option 3:

In this case we did a classy crystal award with test tubes in 2d and color in UV printing.

Winner design that was picked by the client

Even though option#2 was a more customized design, their senior team opted for a more elegant deal toy design – option#3 with a couple of changes.

  • Test tubes to be more cylindrical to look like a 3d instead of a 2d crystal cut out.
  • Make a darker shape purple

After receiving feedback from client, artist made the changes within the same day

Deal Toys Pharmaceutical

Approval for design and sample took 15 days.

Having all the information and ideas from the very beginning helped us to get the right design deal toy for the client.

Thank you Citi for your business.