Investment Banking Deal Toys

Premier Clients deal toys and financial tombstones

In a very short period of time GoLucites has gained a reputation as a reliable deal toy supplier within the financial industry worldwide.

As of July 2020 GoLucites has signed vendor contracts to be a Preferred Deal Toy provider with Bulge Bracket Investment
Banks such as Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Bofa, Citi, BBVA, TRUIST, Scotiabank, Capital One. Banorte, Banco Popular

Regarding Global Investment banking boutiques, Golucites has had the honor to be chosen as a preferred supplier to produce their custom deal toys projects in the Energy, Transportation, Data, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Industrial,
Construction, Education, and Banking Industry Sectors.

Over the past year, GoLucites have not only designed and produced Deal Toys within the US and Canada but also globally. In Europe places like Madrid, Frankfurt, the United Kingdom, and Latin America we have many financial deal tombstone orders coming from Mexico, Peru, Chile, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Each of our investment banking tombstones can be made out of acrylic and crystal, or a mix of resin and wood can be used for a more customized Lucite tombstone design.

Our team members are fully aware of the internal budget policy and process for each Bank and Investment boutique we are doing business with.

If you have a project you need assistance with, please reach out to us by filling out the form or contact your Account Manager.