Techniques & Materials

3D Holographic, Laser Etching & Mechanical Engraving
Knowing these methods will help you to determine what type of deal toy will you order.

3D Holographic

When do we use it? How does it work?

This type of award is well known and used in the Investment Banking field. First, our art department chooses the image based on the transaction theme like pharmaceutical, industrial, Financial, or a recreation of a client’s logo.

3D Holographic

Once the option is selected, this design goes to software in order to create a 3d model from your 2d image. This software uses a sophisticated laser beam that focuses its light to a certain point right below the surface of the crystal piece.

This technique is not invasive. It doesn’t leave any marks on the surface of the tombstone. When a finished product is made, you can see a 3-dimensional sculpture floating inside of it. A great gift to commemorate any deal or special event.

Laser Etching

When we talk about laser etching, it means a laser beam is used to vaporize the first layer of the material in order to engrave an object or a text. This is the most efficient process to make marking on any material.

Laser Etching also includes a color change due to chemicals.

Mechanical Engraving

Mechanical Engraving and also called Machinery engraving. This is a great method when we have multiple awards with the same design . It is one of the preferred methods for making a crystal award piece that has a lot of text only.

Please note this technique is not recommended if you want to include any type of images or logos.


3D Resin molds are normally used for complex and customized deal toys. Set up costs are usually high and it depends on the details the design could have.

When a resin project is received to our factory, our designers use a software and a 3d Printer Machine in order to start the process.

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Inside the 3d Printer machine, a mold box is used to create a silicone mold for casting an object. In this process, we need to be very careful because the quality of the silicone mold negatives can affect the overall result.

In order to have a positive result, our designers smoothen the printed mold box internal surface. By doing this, we can get rid of all the unwanted features and cracks that can damage the silicone mold.

In order to cure that mold, it gets sprayed by a mold release, and it gets filled with silicone. This process takes approximately 24 hours in order to cure the silicone.

Once we have a clean mold, and it is cured, the silicone mold is filled with translucent resin mixed. In the last step, our designers apply a post-production technique to smoothen the surface of the 3d cast object.

Production time – frame depends on the number of units and complexity of the design.


Lucite, also known as acrylic, plexiglass, or polymethacrylate. It is an optically clear material and it weighs about half as much as glass.

Because it is like plastic, it can be heated and formed into many shapes.

When we add color to a lucite, a screen printing technique is used to create colourful patterns such as black, or marble colours on the back of the award.

The beauty of acrylic is that we can create a nice and elegant custom-made award. Depending on the design, it is better to use one thick layer or several thin layers to create the shape of an object.

A process to make many layers in a custom-made award can take up to 48 hours and having a sample made between 4-7 business days depending on the customization of the design.

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