Minneapolis Deal Toys

Over the past months, Golucites has been receiving more deal toy orders from Minneapolis.

We have been designing and creating traditional tombstone deals and other more creative lucite projects.ย Most of our clients are private equity firms and investment banking boutiques.

Milk Drop Deal Toy

The client was looking for a cloudy/marbled oil drop deal tombstone design to celebrate their 25 years anniversary.

Crystal Financial Tombstone

Oxbow – A Minneapolis private equity firm looking for a classy tombstone deal based on their client’s logo.

Deal Toy Crystal Sandwich

Please see above a nice crystal sandwich financial tombstone for inspiration. A creative award based on the client’s logo.

Shadow Box Deal Toy

The client was looking to incorporate its client’s logo shape and colour.
Our creative art team thought of adding the logo in 3 D etching inside a red & black shadow box.

Bespoke Deal Tombstone

A traditional investment banking tombstone deal was created for Oxbow Industries.