Creative Deal Toys Winners of the Month

Beginning of the month, GoLucites ( Sales & Art) sit down to pick the greatest Lucite & Crystal Awards done during that period of time. Our best deal toys of the month. Winners get a nice 10% discount if there is another order within 60 days.

Best Deal Toys Winners ūü•á

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners December 2022

In December, our winning deal toys were really creative ideas. We had a volcano made of resin, a 3D Lucite replica of a tooth. We also chose something more classic and elegant, with a printed image and engraved icons. Finally, we have an ideal trophy for the world of hospitality as a luggage rack.

Deal Toy Volcano Real Estate Hotel

Creative 3D Deal toy combining resin and crystal material together with UV printing.

Creative 3D printing Lucite Tombstone celebrating a revolver, term loan & DDTL deal.

Creative crystal award created for Credit Suisse Korea with a 2D crystal cut out and text-images etched on front.

3D replica of a custom luggage carrier lucite commemorating a hotel acquisition in Spain.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners November 2022

Crystal trophies always stand out, although resin has its charm. A clear example is a trophy in the form of a puzzle. It is an excellent option to commemorate a merger. We can also replicate a bicycle or even the logo of your client in 2D cut out ; always obtaining a very elegant piece. The resin being a very moldable material, we can even create a tree like the one we did for Bank of America.

Financial lucite tombstone celebrating the merger between Enics- an electronics manufacturing services headquartered in Zurich and GVP.

Nice and classy crystal 2D cut out with reverse image printed and text etched in color printing

 Bank of America 3D Print Deal Toy. Customized tree-themed 3D printing financial tombstone sitting on a classy black crystal base and text etched on a silver plaque.

Creative glass design, which has the client’s logo printed and the text of the transaction. This trophy was made for Az Capital in Madrid.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners October 2022

In October, most of our designs are classic trophies, but also some of them have a little bit of creativity. We use the company’s logo and category as a highlight, using different techniques such as engraving the logo, making a 3d resin replica or 2d glass cutting.


A creative design based on the project name ‚ÄúAtom‚ÄĚ made out of crystal with details etched on back and frosted front.

Very classic and at the same time creative award made out of clear glass and client’s logo in 3D Printed.

This is a very creative way to celebrate this corporate merger deal with Oilfield water logistics ‚ÄúProvides midstream water infrastructure and services to the energy industry‚ÄĚ

Extravagant and creative crystal banking award with frosted deal text and metal logo cut out.

A unique customized lucite Financial tombstone created for our client AES. The image is etched on the background with a frosted back and 2D acrylic letters glued on top of the base.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners September 2022

In September our verdict was to choose five great trophies that reflect the creativity of our art team. For this month we have to present you a 3D replica of a toaster, something very useful in the morning when the sun is rising. Speaking of the sun, we made a glass trophy for a solar energy company. We can also see an award from the music industry with a trumpet and some notes recorded in 3D. On the other hand, we can see an extravagant farm trophy that plays with the client’s logo. To close this monthly award we can see a glass in the shape of a cat alluding to a children’s book company.

Are you ready for a piece of toasted bread? See our nice 3D toaster replica celebrating a $275 million acquisition for Centric Infrastructure group.

Corporate Financial trophy commemorating a merger acquisition of Coolabi ‚Äúa leading independent international media group specializing in the creation of children‚Äôs and family intellectual property rights‚ÄĚ

One of a kind of creative financial tombstone made out of crystal, featuring 3D etching images and text floating inside the lucite block. On the slanted base, we have a 3D map with a Resin trumpet and deal text etched on a silver plaque.

Creative trophy of a crystal sun on a green base. This award was made for our client Gam Capital to celebrate the closing of an energy transaction in Latin America.

Creative animal farm-themed deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Grupo Omega – experts in animal production and nutrition.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners August 2022

In the month of August, the decision of the best trophies was completely based on creativity. We chose 5 trophies from various industries such as wind energy, with an exact replica of a wind turbine. Linked to renewable energy, we elaborated a magnificent award for a hydropower company. For education, a glass book is always a good option to close an important agreement, so if you want to look for something more classic that reflects the importance of your transaction, such as elegant classic columns. And last but not least, we can see a replica of an important hotel made entirely of resin.

Extravagant corporate trophy celebrating an acquisition of a wind farm this project developed for our client Aes. 

A financial award for our client BTG Pactual in Chile commemorates a successful transaction in the hydroelectric industry.    

An extravagant 3D printing deal tombstone made out of resin and crystal. Images and text were etched with a UV printing technique in order to come out with a nice quality product.

Elegant and classy 3D printing merger and acquisition financial award commemorating the sale of American Campus Communities to Blackstone.

Building replica trophy in resin with a black crystal base. This award was made for our client Alfaro Davila y Scherer in Mexico.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners July 2022

In July our choice was highly customized trophies. A creative hand was very present as well a cloud shape for a data and information company. A nice replica of a pizza box with a very delicious pizza ready to eat. We made a custom prize of a solar panel with every detail, as well as created replicas of three beauty products on a glass base. To finish our top five for July we made an incredible prize of a glass mountain with a mountaineer who is trying to reach the summit.

Elegant cloud – themed deal plaque commemorating an acquisition of Techex – a world leading technology innovators.

Pizza-themed financial tombstone commemorating the acquisition of Carlos Pizzeria. This project was carried out for our client Houlihan Lokey in Madrid.

Very creative and customized 3D printing financial tombstone made out of Lucite and crystal.

Replica of a solar panel made of resin, polyresin, and metal. This project was carried out for our client Az Capital in Madrid.

Elegant highly creative corporate trophy made in resin for our client Aes in Latin America. 

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners June 2022

June was a month with great trophy ideas, where each one was better than the other, but we chose these five.
A pool with a slide is a great and fun option to celebrate a transaction in the entertainment industry, as well as an exact resin replica of shampoo for the beauty industry. If you have a closing transaction with a company that is dedicated to research and science, a microscope is an excellent idea. We can also see a more classic and elegant trophy that is to use the client’s logo. Our last award to be detailed is based on combining nature, transportation, and the hotel industry in a single trophy.

A creative and customized pool slide crafted for Gam Capital to commemorate a successful water park transaction.

A unique haircare cosmetic hair product 3D replica, commemorating the acquisition of Lakme Inspired haircare ‚Äď a globally well-known company that offers quality products and cutting-edge technology in professional hair.¬†

2D cut replica of a microscope that has a green base as well as the logo of our client Generalife. On the glass plate, we added a map of Europe to highlight the location of the clinics.  

Here we can find part of the client’s logo cut in 3D letters sitting on a clear crystal base. Reverse printing on the other side of the deal toy with text etched on the front.

Extravagant financial trophy celebrating a successful transaction tracing the acquisition of a hotel and a train. This beautiful trophy contains a black glass base with a 2d cut of the Perurail train and the Belmond hotel in Peru

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners May 2022

This month the decision for the best trophies was very difficult, until the last moment there were no clear winners. A replica of a supermarket basket was favored, this customized trophy has pieces in resin, glass, and metal. Whether to pay for a purchase online or in a physical store, a credit card is essential, which is why a major bank used it to celebrate an important economic agreement. The gas industry always asks for something related to pipes and in this case, we put together this amazing award. In the hotel sector, we produced a creative project for a hotel chain located on incredible beaches in Latin America.

Creative Supermarket Food Basket 3D Replica tombstone crafted for a prestigious food chain in Spain.

TD Bank lucite credit card commemorating a sale of Loan portfolio secured by Multifamily Real Estate Properties.

Deal trophy with reverse color printing, image etched inside the crystal plaque, and metal pipeline.

 A very creative 3D Hotel Complex replica made out of resin and crystal for RLH Properties Рwhich specializes in the acquisition, development, and management of luxury hospitality and residential in Mexico and Europe.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners April 2022

April, a month where creativity clearly stood out, very different industries had a place within this select group. In the fast-food sector, we make a creative trophy based on the client’s logo, which is a rooster, made of glass. The logo is the fundamental piece of a company, that is why we made the VSG logo in 3d cut, obtaining an elegant and high-quality award. To celebrate a transaction in the aeronautical world in a grand way, we recreated a jet that will surprise you and leave you in the air. The ever-growing gamer world created an excellent corporate class award.

Creative rooster corporate recognition award manufactured for a recognized acquisition deal in Spain.

A Creative Fighter Jet Financial tombstone in 3D Printing sitting on a nice black crystal base and text etched on a silver plaque.

Creative crystal plaque featuring a nice 3D digital token and headset etched inside the crystal block. All 3 crystal blocks are sitting on a flat clear crystal base with a recess.

Very creative M&A tombstone with the client’s logo in 3D. Artist had to recreate the image on the background because of the bad quality of it and in the end, we did a very elegant gift for investment bankers.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners March 2022

In the third month of 2022, the winners were very creative trophies, which involved the use of various techniques and materials such as glass, resin, metal, and wood. A slot machine for the entertainment industry is an excellent option in this sector to surprise your customers. On hot summer days, swimming pools are a good place to cool off, so we set out to create a replica of one of them. In the water lives the axolotl, an animal that we recreate to perfection made in resin. To complete the top 4 of the trophies of the month we have a replica of a hospital in Central America.

Creative lucite deal tombstone with a 3D printing casino game.

Creative swimming pool deal trophy created from William Blair Investment Boutique Banking. The customized award is made out of resin and crystal with UV printing.

One-of-a-kind 3D Print deal award made out of resin and crystal commemorating an M&A Deal.

Corporate building deal toy trophy crafted in resin and wood for Banrservas – A Dominican Republic national Bank.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners February 2022

In February we had 4 winners from the energy, charging, and recycling industry. A cargo truck is an option that never fails in the transportation field and also if it is accompanied by a classic glass. In the energy sector, we produce metal transmission towers as well as wind turbines for a client in Chile. In Mexico, they closed an important agreement with a recycling plant, and to celebrate that transaction we created a recycling container made entirely of glass.

Customized deal tombstone featuring a 3D model truck places on top a nice black crystal base and text etched on a classic crystal shape.

Financial tombstone made for Asset Chile. 3D windmills are made out of resin and 3D printed trees. Back frosted crystal that contains the map of Chile printed on the edge.

Creative deal toys for our client Atlanticocap in Mexico. A fantastic design of a recycling container on a black crystal base.

Transmission tower made of metal on a black crystal base and a metal plate with the transaction of our client in Peru.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners January 2022

In the first month of 2022, we had some clear winners from various industries. In the hotel sector, we have a creative and elegant replica of a margarita crystal. On the other hand in the pharmaceutical world, we made a classic pill bottle. In the area of e-commerce, we make a mobile phone in resin and glass. We also had an order from a customer in Africa who asked us for an exact copy of the African continent in crystal to commemorate a successful transaction.

We made an exact replica of the African continent in transparent glass for our client Perpetual Value.

Cell phone replica in resin with printed image on the front on a transparent glass base.
This deal toy was made for Bofa in a transaction of an important digital company in Latin America.

Creative trophy in a financial celebration in the Dominican Republic, which is a glass cup on a black base with a metal plate with the text of the agreement.

Surprising pharmacist deals toy a package of pills engraved in 3d inside the crystal. This award was made for Miranda Capital Partners in Mexico.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners December 2021

After a year of hard work and lots of elaborate projects, our last best deal toys of the month of 2021 were great creative creations. A replica of a pudding related to a food company, also an closet for a project a transaction of the industrial sector. Something highly customized in resin and crystal-like a gamer room, with all its details in full splendor, as well as a mix of themes with a map and an orchestra made entirely of crystal.
Pudding Deal Toy

One of the top deal toys we have done in the Food & Beverage category. Rice pudding is made out of resin and acrylic with the deal text etched on a frosted crystal.

Clothing Finance

Here we can find an extravagant artwork we have done for one of our client William Blair made in white and black crystal. Text etched in the front part of the lucite and industrial clothing image printed on the back.

Gamer Financial Tombstone

William Blair M&A Frankfurt Deal Toy.

Scotiabank Custom Lucite

Latin America cool deal tombstone featuring an orchestral instruments printed on top of a white crystal base.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners November 2021

We can observe different industries¬† during the award-winning deal toys in November. During this month GoLucites designed and produced deal toys for the energy sector. We did a nice solar panel lucite where we incorporated resin. acrylic and crystal material on it.¬† All our creative artwork were customized based on the client’s budget.

A mix of a nice aluminium cut out logo and two tube strips sitting on a base makes this a nice and unique deal tombstone.

3 crystal layers cut out with images etching on back and text color filled on front.

Oil Refinery 3D Resind and crystal Award conmemorating a Debt Restructuring for the leader in Ukraine’s energy sector.

Employee Appreciation Award

A nice solid block of crystal with all the images printed on each angle and text color filled on top.

Energy Latin America

Wind turbine & Solar Panel creative financial deal toy made in different materials such as resin &crystal.
This is a very creative and customized Chile Deal toy.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners October 2021

From a toll road custom design to a data centre deal toy or a smoothie 3D replica are not simple at all. We had to cast each mold and make some details by 3d laser mahcinery in order to come up with creative deal tombstones.

Extravagant deal plaque financial tombstone made out of crystal and metal, with the text color filled on front and the client’s logo etched on back.

Unique Deal Plaque made our of crystal based on the client’s logo and a data center image etched on back.

Smoothie shape themed custom deal tombstone conmemorating a Seniro Credit Facility.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners September 2021

The change of season gave us 5 winning proposals. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries had a greater prominence with a 3D replica of drugs, as well as a surgical product. On the other hand, something classic cannot be missing such as a logo cut out glass. Last but not least we chose a custom toy based on a gas port.
Belgium Deal toy pharmaceutical high end products made out of crystal with direct printing around it.

Very classy and elegant lucite conmmemorating an M&A financial deal in Madrid, Spain.

Extravagant and creative logo themed deal toy featuring a surgical 3d product made out of crystal and logo etched on the back of the shadow box.

Creative and customized Chile FInancial Tombstone made out of different mterials such as aluminum, acrylic, resin and crystal.

Deal Toys Investment Banking

Exclusive deal tombstone made 100% out of crystal featuring an optical lense wih the text and image color filled.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners August 2021

In August crystal pieces had a great role. You can clearly see the variety and uses of glass, being able to create something related to the client’s logo, a gas tanks, or simple printing an image on it. In addition, crystal can be combined with other materials such as resin, like the cow deal toy design.
Rectangle Financial tombstone

Traditional and creative rectangle lucite conmemorating a data centre financial deal.

Creative deal tombstone made for a leading meat company in South America.

William Blair’s financial tombstone was made to commemorate a merger and acquisition deal within its industrial group.

A creative lucite made out of acrylic, crystal and resin with images etching and printed on back and front and some parts were hand painted.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners July 2021

Classic options are always in the loop. In July we opted for four lucite, which focused on the client’s logo, both in its shape and in the colors. Each one had different techniques such as making the logo in aluminum,¬† crystal cut, printed, or etched on the same glass.
Logo Themed - Phone Corea

Bank of America Mobile -Themed Deal toy commemorating a Pre-Series G Funding.

Custom finance deal toy commemorating an important M&A deal for Talcott Resolution.

A very creative and elegant deal toy made for one of the largest renewable energy manufacturers in Central America – CMI.

Classy Awards Golucites

Classy crystal award with text etched on a gold plaque. This is a very nice and classy crystal employee award that was given for a great commitment and dedication on a job well done.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners June 2021

During this month artist and sales came out with 5 creative deal toys. Each of them completely different. One focused on technology, another on the energy side with a gas pump, also something more customized with a real cowboy boots.  We can also find something made of glass, such as the drop of milk.

iPad Themed Deal Toy made out of glass with images etched on back and text color filled on the front part. Creative financial tombstone design to commemorate an important deal in the energy sector.

Energy and Resources Deal toy РGas station lucite- gas pump financial tombstone. Nice and custom crystal deal tombstone.

Deal Toys cowboy boots investment bankind

Deal text etched directly on cowboy boots commemorating an investment banking transaction.

The client was looking for a cloudy/marbled milk drop deal tombstone design to celebrate their 25 years anniversary.

London Healthcare Deal Tombstone

Tombstone award glass featuring a 3D laser etched image commemorating an m&a deal.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners May 2021

During the month of May, all our Deal Toys were made out of crystal. The variety of colors, shapes and techniques makes glass a very versatile material allowing you to create unique things like a diamond shaped replica or even a champagne bottle.

Classy & Elegant crystal deal toy based on the client’s logo.

Diamond-Shaped Crystal Deal Toy

Diamond ‚Äď shaped financial tombstone.¬†

Food Market Deal Toy‚Äč

Custom 3D letter crystal cut out deal toy celebrating an acquisition of an important food market chain in Peru.

Champagne Deal Toy Replica

A nice replica made out of crystal with text and images etched in white and gold color.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners April 2021

Classic and elegant toys played a leading role, despite being classics they have their magic and artistic touch. Some of the lucites were based on the client’s logo and its characteristic colors.¬†

M&A tombstone made out of white and clear crystal with images printed on front.

Creative crystal deal toy featuring the logo etched on back and mix of red and black crystal.

Classic Logo Themed

A nice & elegant IPO deal toy based on the client’s logo.

Custom crystal pharmaceutical award celebration and important acquisition of lading development and manufacture of CIM.

Classy black crystal deal toy celebrating an acquisition of a leading worldwide manufacturer of surgical disposable products.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners March 2021

Durign March our art department created very extravagant and unique 3D Deal Toys. If you notice closely all our 4 winners have something in common. We were told to create desing based on their client’s logo or showing the locations where the deal was closed. A couple of ideas were created and here are the best del toys of the month.

A classic and elegant deal tombstone featuring a 3d cut out crystal logo . Deal tombstone etched on frosted back.

3D Print Deal Toy

A custom mould was casted in 3D applying the correct CMYK color codes sitting on a black crystal base.

Satellite Custom Deal toy

Extravagant satellite custom deal toy design featuring a 3d etching on the sphere and image printed on back.

Energy Map themed deal toy made out of crystal and deal text/logos etched on front.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners February 2021

During this month we want to congratulate to our 4 winners that created unique lucite awards. As you can see we have 2 projects that black crystal was used mixing a 3d etching image and color printing . It makes these 2 deal toys very classic and elegant.

Food Beverages Fish Meal
An elegant and creative custom deal toy celebrating an acquisition of a majority stake in the Spanish leader in fish meal solutions. 
We did a nice crystal cut out shape representing the main products of the client. Deal Tombstone etched on a traditional crystal block.
Creative Crystal Award
Creative 3D laser etched crystal award celebrating a Seed and Series A Investment in a gaming company.
Logo theme crystal award

Very classy and elegant logo theme crystal award. Here we have a nice mix of clear and black crystal with the tombstone color filled in white font and logo printed in color.

Energy & Resources Deal Toy

Custom pewter & crystal deal toy celebrating a partial acquisition stake in a major and extensive modern oil platform in Colombia.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners January 2021

Beginning of the year we have done amazing deal toys from different categories. Recently we worked on a very nice project related to the pet food industry where we had to cast a mould out of resin. Another particular lucite that brought our attention was a nice crystal microphone award.  Below you can also see two other cool deal toys related to construction and real estate industry.
Creative Pet Food Deal Toy

Custom financial deal toy made out of resin and crystal. Resin material was used in order for the doggy bag to look more realistic. A crystal cut out was as added to etch an image of a dog. Everything is sitting in a nice black crystal base.

Industrial & Construction Financial Tombstone

Creative financial deal toy made out pewter and crystal. Pewter material was used to create the construction beams. The rest of the Deal Toy was made out of pure crystal in the shape of the client’s logo.

A unique and extravagant music microfone crystal award. 

Crystal building

Real Estate classic deal toy adding 2 pieces of crystal where we etched the deal text on back and a crystal cut out on front with a residential house printed.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners December 2020

We are at the end of the year but the financial tombstones are not over yet. For the month of December our winners were from the banking and Real Estate industry. Simple figures and crystal cuts predominated, placing great emphasis on the customer’s transaction and the customer’s logo. The simplicity of these deal toys does notlose significance as they gain it for their elegance.

Real estate investment banking building
Financial Tombstone Corporate

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners November 2020

We almost at the end of the year and we have done amazing clear glass deal toys combining a mix of materials and techniques such as laser etched, frosting glass, 3D etching and many others. Speaking of the winning industries, they are very different from each other. We have done a nice pipeline lucite made out of pewter and crystal. Another design that stand out is a creative food can tombstone together with a cool deal toy in the automotive sector.

Oil and gas pipeline

A unique custom lucite example for the energy sector. Pipeline are made out crysta,  painted grey and glued on the crystal block.

Financial tombstone Spain

An extravagant food can deal toy made out of crystal . All the text and images are printed on a piece of paper and glue around the bottle.

A classic lucite based on a client’s logo with all images etched on front. A silver plaque for the text was added to make the piece more unique.

Transportation creative car

Our creative team came up with this amazing design which reflects the industry themed which our client asked for and keeps the elegance of the deal toy.  We have a frosted crystal on the back so the text can be more readable and added a nice wood base so we can highlight the resin parts on top of it.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners October 2020

For the month of October, we have done amazing and unique creative deal toys for the Banking Deal Tombstones category. For investment banking boutiques deal toy we did a nice custom piece made using materials suchs crystal, wood and resin. At the other hand you can see that we have a very classy stone award and a spinning custom award. 

We are eager to see what deal toy categories will be the the winners next month.

A very creative stone and marble custom deal toy made for a residential public utilities company in Colombia. 

Construction and Industrial Deal Tombstone

This is a great deal toy idea designing a custom financial tombstone based on the client’s logo and color printed.

Natural Resources Financial Tombstone

A custom Map ‚Äď Themed Deal toy incorporating 3 crystal cut out with images of the country flags that were involved in the deal . Artist also added a nice color of the base representing the client‚Äôs logo color.

Transportation Car - Best Deal Toy

A creative and unique transportation deal toy made out of resin with all the pieces surrounding it done in the same material. We incorporated a classy wood base and the text etched on the back crystal. 

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners September 2020

In this month of September, the best deal toys were selected for their creative design and represent the best of their industries. Investment banking category we did an amazing wood piece, for the industrial financial tombstone artist were very creative to make the lucite more extravagant . Another lucite winner was a very classy logo themed custom award and last but not least we have included a custom crystal pharmaceutical pill deal toy.

If you want to see more creative deal toy designs of the other winning industries of the month, keep visiting our website and we will have some oil & gas deal toy designs, M&A deal tombstones and more.

This is a great deal toy example for an M&A tombstone representing an acquisition of a recycling company . The truck was outsourced from a third party vendor and deal tombstone etched on the back crystal.

M&A deal toy done for a healthcare medical device and product development company. A mold made out of wood was made with all the details and UV printing.

Private Equity Deal Toy showing a nice classy rectangular crystal award and featuring the client’s logo etched on front. Black crystal on back and deal text on frosted back.

Deal Toys - Pharmaceutical Investment Banking

M&A deal toy done for a healthcare medical device and product development company. A mold made out of wood was made with all the details and UV printing.

Telecommunication and Services mobile deal toy made out of crystal with tombstone images etching on front.  This a creative and classy lucite award to commemorate a unique communication and Services financial deal.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners June 2020

In June, the only lucky toy deal was Thor, its shape, design and character meant that there was no other option to choose one and nothing more than one. This deal toys our client told us that he wanted something fancy and very creative, something that would look great on his desk.

Deal Toy Investment banking Financial Tombstone Thor
Deal Toy Investment banking Financial Tombstone Thor
Deal Toy Investment banking Financial Tombstone Thor
Deal Toy Investment banking Financial Tombstone Thor

Thor’s hammer is being introduced into a glass base in waves, these give the idea that the hammer is breaking it. The text was printed on a metal plate.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners May 2020

The fifth month of the year surprised with the metal towers, these being the ones that took practically all the numbers of the deal toys of the month, but each tower has its own essence, one on the hydric side, another having the focus on the telecommunications and the last one for energy. Those three towers were added the replica of a product of the dairy industry.

Food and Beverage Financial Tombstone

A replica of a food industry product. This Deal Toy made in resin on a black crystal base cupped with a glass plate.

Oil and Gas Financial Tombstone

A metal tower with the logo of the company involved in the transaction at its highest point. A simple crystal base that is complemented by a clear crystal finished in the shape of waves.

Telecommunication Transmission Tower Deal Toy

A custom deal toy with two aluminum transmission towers. This tombstone thinking for the energy industry.

Telecommunication Tower Financial Tombstone‚Äč‚Äč

This lucites designed for the telecommunications branch. Made of metal and crystal, with the company logo made using the Laser Etching Technique.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners March 2020

March with spring brought a great variety and diverse amount of deal toys, very different from the most creative like the mickey character to financial lucites of the classic type like Rica’s. We can also see Recognition Awards as well as those related to the Energy Industry with a hydroelectric turbine and Telecommunications.

Financial Tombstone Disney

A fun and ingenious deal toy has Mickey one of the main characters in the animated world as its star. In this Transaction, the text was chosen for a simple glass curved at its edges.

Energy Hydroelectric Financial Tombstone

This small deal toys, the clients wanted to commemorate a transaction related to the energy industry.

A simple lucite but with elegance. At first glance you can see a glass painted with the exact color of the logo, in the background a glass with a graphic related to the communications industry, all this on a black glass base.

Employee Recognition Trophy Investment Banking

An award of recognition for the hard work of employees, this success is embodied in an elegant piece of glass on an aluminum base.

Logo Themed Financial Tombstone

The sandwich technique is chosen for this deal toy where two crystals are joined by screws and the company logo is placed between them.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners February 2020

5 deal toys, 5 different industries. This month we achieved a large number of 5 winning lucites, if perhaps there are many, but our jury had no choice but to choose them all. The ever-present financial item was added a health, pharmaceutical, transportation project and also a construction project. The glass was the dominating common with aluminum having a remarkable presence.

Pharmacy Deal Toy

One of the premises of a pharmacy chain was designed. The deal toy is made up of blue glass with a graphic referring to the trade, resting on a black base with such a shape to display the text of the transaction.

A road transport project with a toll booth and metal vehicles circulating. The text on a clear glass placed above the street.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Financial Tombstone

Custom Deal Toys from the medicine and pharmaceutical industry made of glass and with printed graphics.

Beam Financial Tombstone

An industrial type lucite, with a glass in the shape of a building and a piece of metal on a black glass base.

Deal Toy Investment Logo Themed Financial Tombstone

The theme of the deal is the logo of the company involved, made of aluminum accompanied by the letters in navy blue glass. The tombstone on clear glass.

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners December 2019

Food and Beverage Financial Tombstone
Beer Bottle Deal Toy

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners November 2019

Realestate Themed Financial Tombstone
Cement Themed Financial Tombstone
Wind Turbine Deal Toy
Half Pill Bottle Deal Toy

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners October 2019

Sword Financial Tombstone
Oil and Gas Pipeline Financial Tombstone
Macquarie Education Book Themed Deal Toys
Deal Toy Financial Ideas Best Tombstone

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners September 2019

Entertainment and Sport Financial Tombstone
Real Estate Hotel Industry Deal Toy
Logo Themed Award Creative
Transportation Car Lucites Financial

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners August 2019

Building Financial Tombstone
Lightbulb Deal Toy
Crystal Pill Bottle Deal Toy
Consumer and Retail Financial Tombstone‚Äč

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners July 2019

Test Tube Deal Toy
Financial Tombstone Hulk

Best Deal Toys of the Month Winners June 2019

Football Themed Financial Tombstone
House Themed Investment Banking Deal Toy
Shoe Themed Sports Deal Toy
Oil & Rig Financial Tombstone