Korea Deal Toys

Golucites has expanded globally in various regions of the world, including the Korean market.ย 
We have carried out projects for Bofa, Credit Suisse, among other very prestigious Bulge Bracket Banks and Investment Boutique Banks worldwide.

Industrial Trophy in Seoul

We made an elegant and simple industrial machinery 2D tombstone trophy for a company in Seoul related to the industrial sector.

Creative Pill Bottle in Korea

Financial Crystal Award to celebrate a very important banking agreement in South Korea. It is made of crystal with the pills engraved inside, sitting on a black glass base.

Extravagant Energizer Battery Trophy

The client had the great idea of replicating the iconic figure of the Energizer brand. In this case, Bank of America, BlackRock, and other bulge brackets and investment banks were given a unique banking trophy that had to be designed to the smallest detail, obtaining a realistic 3D printing.

Cloud & Data Deal Toy

Credit Suisse Korea branch asked for a classy but elegant tombstone that involves cloud & data incorporated into the 3D designs.
Our experienced Art Team came out with this unique piece of art made of acrylic and crystal.

Credit Suisse Korea Industrial Trophy

Crystal award with a green image printed on the back, and with industrial icons engraved in glass hexagons.

Korea Mobile Phone Deal Toy

A great financial award idea commemorating a successful banking deal.
This trophy is striking because it combines the client’s logo and its star product, an app.

Copper Themed Banking Trophy

Great banking deal in South Korea where we created a replica of a curved copper piece. Simple but classy deal tombstone idea.

BlackRock Minority Stake Deal Toy

Very delicate and classy piece of art commemorating a minority stake banking deal in Korea by Bank of America.