Frankfurt Deal Toys

GoLucites is well recognized worldwide for its creative designs and manufacturing premium and elegant deal toys.

Over the past year, we have done extravagant deal toys in Frankfurt for investment banking boutiques like William Blair, Lincoln International, and many others.

Lucite is used not only in finance but is momentous used to recognize success or a job well done. It is truly an honor to keep assisting the European region with its deal toys request.

Healthcare Elegant Financial Deal Toy

Premium financial tombstone with a Rna 3d image etched inside the crystal cylinder. A switch was inserted on the bottom to light up the design.

Defense and Aerospace Frankfurt Deal Toy

Premium Deal Toy done made out of crystal featuring a 3d laser satellite etched on the sphere. The image is etched on the back and text printed on the front.

Deal Toy Frankfurt Made

William Blair’s financial tombstone was made to commemorate a merger and acquisition deal within its industrial group.