Dominican Republic Deal Toys

Throughout the years, Golucites has been recognized as one of the main providers of Deal Toys in the Dominican Republic. We have created a tombstone according to each personalized transaction.

Hotel Industry Deal Tombstone

This trophy is a replica of a Hotel luggage trolley. It was created to celebrate the sale of 100% of the shares of Bijao Beach Resort.

3D Replica Trophy

Business trophy for Citi bank in Latin America. In this design we based ourselves on the client’s logo, which we chose to do in metal.

Solar Panel Corporate Award

Corporate Trophy in the financial industry made after obtaining a Bilateral loan. This award was created for Banreservas in the Dominican Republic.

3D Replica Trophy

Elegant 3d replica of a hospital which is located in the Dominican Republic. It contains a black glass base and a metal plate with the detail of the transaction.

Classic Elegant Crystal Trophy

Classic crystal trophy which contains the logo of our client from the Dominican Republic. Behind we have a glass with the details of the transaction, which ends in a rounded shape, just like the Banreservas logo. The black glass base gives it a subtle touch.

3D Employee Recognition Trophy

Prize created in 3D printing. This trophy was created for Gam Capital, now Altio Safi which is a financial fund company in the Dominican Republic. As you can see, this trophy has a replica of a water park slide. At the base, we have a printed image simulating the bottom of a pool.

Financial Gift to Celebrate an Agreement in the Energy Industry

Creative prize of a sun, which is made of glass on a green base. This award was made for our client Gam Capital to celebrate the closing of an energy transaction in Latin America.

2D Custom Crystal Award

Elegant prize which has a replica of a car battery in 2d cut. On the side we can see a crystal with the detail of the transaction. This trophy was made for a client from the Dominican Republic.