Custom Wood Deal Toys

Wood as such in its simple form with a fibrous and hard substance allows us to turn this material into a memory for your team or for yourself.

Choosing wood as the material for your Deal Toy speaks highly of you, as it is unique.

If you are looking for a Lucite that stands out on your desk or in a display, Wood Deal Toys are the idea since it’s a different material that stands out from others.

Please take a look at some of the previous work we have done in the past.

Sword Financial Tombstone
Wood Pallet Financial Tombstone

Benefits of choosing wood as a material

Wood can be used for any type of deal toy. We know it will be a unique design, whether you combine it with other materials or not.

Designs made of wood are undoubtedly one of the most personalized that can be achieved when we talk about business tombstones. 

The manufacturing process of a wood deal toy either for a base or for a complete piece has several steps.

We start by cutting the wood then we shape it and depending on each case we can add engravings or prepare it for screen printing.

We have standard pieces already customized such as cubes, pyramids, circles, and rectangles. Rectangles are undoubtedly the most popular option within wood deal toys.

The particularity of Wood Deal Toys

We have an experienced design team and technology to create unique pieces made out of wood. We can create carved wood or cut pieces in wood to incorporate with other materials.

We have no limits in creating unique deal toys, from building a pet, a real estate building or something related to your client’s logo and many other shapes.

We have fine finishes, varnished wood to modify colors and tone.

The possibilities we have in Golucites to create and design your wood deal toy are truly endless and with it have a nice work of art.

If you think about it, we can create almost everything, just let your imagination fly and our design team together with sales will guide you through the entire process so you can have an amazing deal toy in your hands.