Transportation Financial Tombstone

Financial transportation tombstones include custom designs themes related to airlines, trucking, railroads, shipping and logistic deal toy projects.Β For this particular industry, every lucite project can be customized using a mix of materials.

Toll Road Financial Tombstone

Celebrating an acquisition of a leading toll road company in Mexico.

Helicopter Financial Tombstone

Celebrating an acquisition of a real estate investment trust in Dallas. Project name 3d cut out letters in crystal.

Car Financial Tombstone

Celebrating an acquisition of a rental and services car dealer in Chile.

Toll Road Themed Deal Toy

Celebrating an important sale of a highway project in Chile.

Train Financial Tombstone

Celebrating a partial sale of equity with a leader in the railway services industry in Spain

Transportation Car - Best Deal Toy

Creative Deal Toy

Custom creative car deal toy made out of resin, wood, and crystal.

Truck on Base Deal Toy

Semi Truck sitting on a crystal base and deal tombstone etching on a clear crystal block.

LNG Deal Toy Ship

A classy crystal award conmemorating an important Secured Term loan facility in Latin America

Transportation Plane

Lucite Financial Tombstone

Lucite tombstone award featuring a clear and black crystal with image and tombstone etched on the front.

Bridge Themed Financial Tombstone

Investment Banking Financial Tombstone featuring a bridge made out of stone. We have a clear base where we screened an image of a lake showing some bushes on the side. A silver plaque can be added in the middle of the base with the tombstone etched on it.Β 

LNG Carrier Financial Tombstone

LNG Carrier Themed deal tombstone made out of pewter and hand-painted. Natural Gas shipping port and gas tank lucite can be made out of acrylic or crystal. Slanted base with silver plaque for the text to be added.

Deal Financial Tombstone

Car Themed Custom Deal Toy made out of pewter or it can be outsourced from our certified third party seller. Frosted text screened on the back piece and the color of the base can be customized.

Transportation Deal Toy

3D custom crystal NASCAR car replica featuring all the details inside the car with 3d etching technique. The base can be made out of wood, acrylic, or crystal. A silver plaque with the deal tombstone will be added on top of the base.