Telecommunication Deal Toys

We have done multi-billion dollar M&A deal toys related to Telecommunication Services. Telecom Towers deal toys, satellite deal toys and mobile themed deal toys.

Energy and Resources Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone commemorating an acquisition of a leading telecommunication company in Chile. Telecom metal towers sitting on a black crystal base and tombstone etched on a silver plaque.

Telecommunication Tower Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy, featuring a 3D laser-etch of a telecommunication tower, commemorating a Senior Unsecured Term Loan Facility with a government telecommunication provider in Costa Rica.

Telecommunication Tower Financial Tombstone

A Chilean telecom company has sold 3,242 towers to a leading company in the USA committed to electric power. Pewter tower and frosted block crystal sitting on a black crystal base.

Mobile Communication Financial Tombstone

Mobile Themed deal toy made out of crystal with a telecommunication image screened on front. Next to it, we have a nice classy crystal cut out where tombstones can be etched. 

Satellite Themed Deal Tombstone

Custom crystal cut out with images screened on front and frosted text sitting on a black crystal base.

Satellite Custom Deal toy

Extravagant satellite custom deal toy design featuring a 3d etching on the sphere and image printed on the back.