Telecommunication Deal Toys

We have done multi-billion dollar M&A deal toys related to Telecommunication Services. Telecom Towers deal toys, satellite deal toys and mobile themed deal toys.

Energy and Resources Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone commemorating an acquisition of a leading telecommunication company in Chile. Telecom metal towers sitting on a black crystal base and tombstone etched on a silver plaque.

Electrical Pewter Tower Deal Toy

One of a kind telecommunication pewter deal tombstone featuring a frosted crystal in the shape of Guatemala’s map with a black Lucite base.

Elegant Deal Award Design

A nice, classy bespoke financial award. Commemorating a capital raise in Digita – a software media company.

Mobile Communication & Services Deal Tombstone

Mobile Phone Services Deal Tombstone marking the sale of flexEngage – a consumer analytics and digital marketing SaaS company. Creative Mobile Deal Toy plaque made out of crystal with reverse printing and text etched on front.

Telecommunication Tower Financial Tombstone

A Chilean telecom company has sold 3,242 towers to a leading company in the USA committed to electric power. Pewter tower and frosted block crystal sitting on a black crystal base.

Telecommunication Tower Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy, featuring a 3D laser-etch of a telecommunication tower, commemorating a Senior Unsecured Term Loan Facility with a government telecommunication provider in Costa Rica.

Mobile Communication Financial Tombstone

Mobile Themed deal toy made out of crystal with a telecommunication image screened on the front. Next to it, we have a nice, classy crystal cut out where tombstones can be etched. 

Satellite Custom Deal toy

Extravagant satellite custom deal toy design featuring a 3d etching on the sphere and an image printed on the back.

Satellite Themed Deal Tombstone

Custom crystal cut out with images screened on front and frosted text sitting on a black crystal base.

3D Printing Deal Toy Telecommunication Tower

Customized 3D deal tombstone made out of resin, metal, and crystal. We were excited to be part of this amazing deal transaction and produce a creative financial tombstone for Colbun, a Chilean company dedicated to the generation of electrical energy.