Custom Stone Deal Toys

Why choose Stone Deal Toys? The answer is simple. We always try to provide to our clients with different options to differentiate themselves from the rest with their financial tombstones.

And without a doubt stone is not so traditional, but it fulfils our goal of being creative for our designs.

Stone is a material that gives a unique and modern look that makes you Deal Toy stand out from the rest.

We can use stone for the entire Lucite or just part of it like the base and the end product will still look impressive. At the present, the use of banking tombstones are very popular and used in various industries.

Of all industries, the financial and mining sector stand out in the stone deal toys.

Entertainment and Sports Stadium Financial Tombtone Deal Toys
Financial Tombstones Investment Banking

Types of stone

If we are looking to incorporate marble in the design, we can do it since stone is capable of acquiring a high polish, variations and colors. This type of technique is widely used in architecture and sculpture.

We can select different sizes and shapes depending on the type of product you are looking for.

You may be looking for granite and we can also do this as it is one of the most used materials. It is a hard stone with coarse grains with a light color. They are formations that are born from magna and consist of quartz, mica among others.

At Golucites we care that you can receive a unique financial tombstone and stone can be an excellent choice to stand out from the rest.

Our creative artist will help you in the whole process to provide a few options for the best result possible.