Rectangle Deal Toys

A classic rectangle financial tombstone shape is the most standard and very popular within the investment banking category.
We can print an image on back in a crystal rectangle or insert a tombstone in the lucite.

Crystal Block Deal Toy

Very classy and traditional crystal block featuring a 3D image floating inside the crystal commemorating an M&A financial deal with Asana BioSciences – a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel targeted therapies in inflammation/immunology.

Classic Deal Tombstone

A traditional design for a deal financial tombstone is a crystal rectangle on a base. This trophy is commemorating a sale of Source Advisor – a tax consulting firm.

Bespoke financial tombstone

A traditional investment banking tombstone deal created for Oxbow Industries.

Crystal Corporate Tombstone

Classy lucite deal toy featuring the company logo with a nice blue base and text etched on front.

Federal Reserve Recognition Award

Banking Deal Award made out of lucite. A very nice and simple lucite block with the text etched on front.

Finance transaction Corporate Award

2021 yearly finance award given to Burford Capital for a successful deal transaction.

Basic & Traditional Deal Plaque

We were asked to manufacture a basic clear crystal award with the only difference that inside the lucite could have a representative image in 3d etching given by the client. 

High-End Crystal Awards

Traditional & elegant rectangle deal plaque made out of crystal with a vector image etched on the back and text printed on a frosted front.

Traditional Lucite Deal Toy

A crystal elegant rectangle trophy commemorating an acquisition for SPX Corporation – a supplier of highly engineered products and technologies.

Classic & Elegant Crystal Award

Traditional clear crystal rectangle award with client’s logo etched on back.

Hotel Lucite Deal Toy

Acrylic custom tombstones commemorating a Real Estate deal.

Diamond Shape Classic Deal Toy

Classy diamond shape crystal award sitting on top of a gold and black crystal base.

Rectangle Deal Toy

Golucites financial tombstone featuring a 3d- etched client´s logo.

Logo Themed Financial Award

A creative & elegant crystal award. Deal Tombstone etching on a frosted back.

Rectangle Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone celebrating an acquisition of Chicago Custom Foods. Tombstone image screened. Crystal award.

Classic Deal Toy

Lucite Block with color printing on back and front.

Classic Deal Finance Tombstone

International Deal tombstone within Japan, USA and Thailand. A nice deal toy made for Mahle – a German leading supplier to the automotive industry and mobility.

Classic Deal Toys Shapes

Traditional Rectangle deal toy can also be customized, keeping the investment banking lucite block look.