Rectangle Deal Toys

A classic rectangle financial tombstone shape is the most standard and very popular within the investment banking category.
We can print an image on back in a crystal rectangle or insert a tombstone in the lucite.

Rectangle Deal Toy

Golucites financial tombstone featuring a 3d- etched clientΒ΄s logo.

Classic Deal Finance Tombstone

International Deal tombstone within Japan, USA and Thailand. A nice deal toy made for Mahle – a German leading supplier to the automotive industry and mobility.

Rectangle Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone celebrating an acquisition of Chicago Custom Foods. Tombstone image screened. Crystal award.

Classic Deal Toy

Lucite Block with color printing on back and front.

Logo Themed Financial Award

A creative & elegant crystal award. Deal Tombstone etching on a frosted back.

Classic Deal Toys Shapes

Traditional Rectangle deal toy can also be customized, keeping the investment banking lucite block look.