Real Estate Deal Toys

Here you can find creative Real Estate & Housing deal toys. We can do a lucite building replica in pewter, acrylic or crystal.
Depending on the complexity and budget of the project, our Account Managers can assist you to create a unique Real Estate award in the most convenient material that fits your needs.

Hotel Themed Deal Tombstone

3D replica of a custom luggage carrier lucite commemorating a hotel acquisition in Spain.

Building Replica Deal Toy

Replica of a nice deal tombstone real estate building sitting on a black crystal base. We have created a few financial tombstone designs for this project but in the end, a tombstone real estate building replica was approved by Atlantico Cap based in Miami.

Construction & Building Deal Toy

Prison entrance made in acrylic for our client Atlantico Cap in Uruguay.

Commercial Real Estate Financial Tombstone

3D building replica sitting on a traditional black crystal base and text colour printed on a crystal block.

Mexico Hotel Deal Tombstone

Building replica trophy in resin with a black crystal base. This award was made for our client Alfaro Davila y Scherer in Mexico.

Hotels & Resorts Deal Toy

An award celebrating an important financial agreement of a hotel complex in Mexico.


Banreservas Deal Tombstone

Classic and traditional crystal award with a reverse image printed and text on a frosted back.

Real Estate Wood Deal Toy

A luxury investment banking tombstone 3D Hotel Wooden replica with a nice golden plaque and the text etched on it.

Hospital-Themed Deal Toy

Corporate building deal toy trophy crafted in resin and wood for Banrservas – A Dominican Republic national Bank.

Supermarket-Themed Deal Tombstone

Replica of the BM supermarket in Madrid, Spain. Made of painted resin on black glass, it also has an aluminum plate on top. 

A Creative Deal Toy Finance

Elegant tombstone real estate crystal piece marking a sale of a real estate development in Louisville, KY.

Hotel Complex Business Trophy

A very creative 3D Hotel Complex replica made out of resin and crystal for RLH Properties – which specializes in the acquisition, development, and management of luxury hospitality and residential in Mexico and Europe.

Real Estate Financial Tombstone

Custom-building Financial tombstone made out of crystal

Real Estate Deal Toy

Custom real estate lucite featuring a building image printed on back and tombstone etched on front.

Hotel Industry Deal Toy

Hospitality-themed deal toy, Celebrating the acquisition of Chesapeake Lodging Trust, a self-advised hotel investment company. The luggage and base is made out of acrylic but it can also be made in resin or crystal. Hotel Bell was outsourced from our certified third-party vendor.

House Themed Investment Banking Deal Toy

Sunk House Resin award commemorating a house insurance deal. Slanted crystal base and text etched on a silver plaque. A crystal cut-out figure and plastic car outsourced from our third-party vendor.

IPO Real Estate Deal Toy

A nice, classy crystal financial tombstone celebrating an important Real Estate IPO.
Deal Tombstone etched on front with frosted back. US map 3D laser etched inside the sphere. 

Classic Real Estate Deal Toy

It is a classic design, with a printed image of Panama City on a black glass base.

Real Estate Themed Financial Tombstone

House Themed deal toy made out of resin and crystal, celebrating a merger between QMS (an outdoor media group) and Mediaworks (an out – of home digital media business).

Creative Crystal House Award

Unique and custom real estate crystal award celebrating an important acquisition of a residential living services company. To match the colours we used CMYK color codes and etched the details on the outside. 

Real Estate 3D Laser Etched

Elegant 3D Etched building replica Deal Toy.

Real Estate Themed Deal Toy

Financial tombstone made out of crystal. Spinning globe.
Image screened on back. Spinning award.

Traditional Rectangle deal toy

Simple rectangle shape with an image etched on the back.

Real Estate Deal Plaque

Classy and Elegant traditional plaque with an image etched on the back.

Truist Deal Tombstone Award

Very nice acrylic and crystal deal toy with client’s logo cut in 3D and image of the transaction etched on the back.

Real Estate Industry Deal Toy

Real Estate, Lucite building replica tombstone.

Hospitality Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom door Knob deal tombstone that can be made out of crystal and aluminium or acrylic. We can add your client’s logo on top of the card and below the deal text.