Pharmaceutical Deal Toys

Here we can find amazing plexi awards related to the pharmaceutical industry. We have done creative design ideas incorporating pharma services themes like beakers, test tubes, mRNA, and many more options.

Eye-Themed Financial Tombstone

Eye-themed deal trophy tombstone marking the sale of 2 eye drops medicine products. Remarkable deal plaque made out of crystal with text etched on the front and an eye image printed on the back.

Financial Trophy in 2D Cut

2D cut replica of a microscope that has a green base as well as the logo of our client Generalife. On the glass plate, we added a map of Europe to highlight the location of the clinics.  

Pill-Themed Deal Tombstone

There are so many healthcare firms that like to create lucite-shaped pill or pill bottle deal toy designs. Here we have a nice 2D Pill lucite replica with an elegant crystal shape.

Proactive Financial Tombstone Award

Very creative and customized 3D printing financial tombstone made out of Lucite and crystal.

Pharmacy Deal Toy

Commemorating an acquisition of a pharmaceutical
and beauty chain in Chile.

Lincoln International Pharmaceutical Lucite Award

Nice and classy crystal 2D cut out with reverse image printed and text etched in color printing.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical deal toy

Belgium Deal toy pharmaceutical high end products made out of crystal with direct printing around it.

Tube Strips Deal Toy

A mix of a nice aluminium cut out logo and two tube strips sitting on a base makes this a nice and unique deal tombstone.

Half Pill Bottle Deal Toy

Celebrating a $500 million fund agreement from CDPQ to Sanfer – a pharmaceutical company

Pill Bottle Financial Tombstone

Crystal pill bottle, featuring a 3d laser etch of pills for a leading
provider in the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico.

Test Tube Deal Toy - Golucites Custom Awards

Custom Financial crystal award. Test tubes crystal replica with color filled and etching.

Custom Pill Bottle Deal Toy

A unique pill bottle financial tombstone featuring 3d etched pills, sitting under a base that its shape is based on the client’s logo. On the bottle cap, both logos are etched.

Crystal Pill Bottle Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy featuring a 3d laser etching of a pill bottle.