Oil and Gas Deal Toys

The oil and gas sector is one of the most requested deal toys categories and this is why our creative team needs to design a couple of options related to the industry.

We can incorporate oil and gas themes like pipeline, oil drop embedment, oil drop 3D etched, offshore drilling rig replica, offshore platform, and many more.

Gas Pump-Themed Deal Toy

Energy and Resources Deal toy – Gas station lucite- gas pump financial tombstone. Nice and custom crystal deal tombstone.

Oil and Gas UK Deal Toy

GoLucites can assist your team in providing the energy and resources themed deal toy based on your needs and specifications.

Oil Rig IPO Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone celebrating a US-listed public offering. Featuring a 3D- etched of an oil rig.

Oil & Gas Deal toy

Celebrating an acquisition of a water infrastructure energy company in Texas.

Oil & Rig Themed Financial Tombstone

Golucites custom financial tombstone. Oil Rig made out of pewter and the base in acrylic.

Natural Resources Financial Tombstone

Natural Resources Deal Toy

A custom Map – Themed Deal toy incorporating 3 crystal cut out with images of the country flags that were involved in the deal. Artist also added a nice color of the base representing the client’s logo color.

Pipeline Themed Financial Tombstone

Celebrating an acquisition of a leader in the manufacturing
of surfactants and specialty chemicals

Natural Gas Themed Financial Tombstone

Commemorating a Senior Secured Credit Facility with a natural gas company in Colombia

Pipeline Deal Toy

Custom pipeline lucite celebrating a private equity investment transaction.

Energy & Resources Deal Toy

Custom pewter & crystal deal toy celebrating a partial acquisition stake in a major and extensive modern oil platform in Colombia.

Energy and Resources Financial Tombstone

Offshore Oil Rig Financial Tombstone made out of metal. The base can be a mix of materials such as stone, crystal, or acrylic. A silver plaque can be added to etch the deal text.

Energy and Resources Deal Toy

Natural Gas Deal Toy creative idea. Tombstone can be etched color fill on the glass and the pipeline can be done in wood, acrylic, or pewter. Financial tombstone sitting on a nice classy black crystal base.