Custom Metal Deal Toys

If a higher budget is available, we can incorporate metal into your Deal Toys. It can make the piece more unique. This type of material can be used for every industry-themed design for your Deal Toy. We encourage you to implement some ideas we have done in the past.

We stand out from other providers by using first-rate – technology, and you can see this by looking at our previous metal banking tombstones we have done in the past. We continuously search for better techniques to use inside our factory and provide the highest quality result of Deal Toys in order for you to commemorate your deal or event.

Telecommunication Transmission Tower Deal Toy
Energy & Resources Deal Toy

Different ways that we can incorporate metal into your Financial Tombstone

One of the basic ways to incorporate metal into your financial tombstone is by adding it as a base if needed. By doing this simple change, we can add more value and variety to it.

Another option to incorporate metal in a Deal Toy is by using a mix of material into it. Metal fits perfectly with glass, resin, or wood. Using these 3 materials in a design, we can have an extravagant Lucite.

One of the advantages to using metal is that we can make a mould in any shape.  This makes it unique to adapt to other materials.

Having an in-house art department help us to create custom designs, where we can make any changes and apply different techniques as needed.

If what you are looking for is a unique custom exclusive design, metal could be a good option for your future financial tombstone, so it can stand out from the rest.

Our Account Managers at Golucites will guide you step by step in order for you to get a nice Deal Toy and manage your expectations.