Logo Themed Deal Toys

Industrial financial tombstones can be done in pewter, resin or acrylic material commemorating a M&A deal.
Our creative artist love to work with the design ideas your team may have in order to create a unique custom award.

Croatia Financial Tombstone

We received an inquiry from a client in Croatia that was looking to incorporate a totem pole into the Lucite. We did this nice financial award in acrylic.

Institutional Crystal Award

Classic Institutional award for the real estate industry. This trophy was created to celebrate a public bond offering. Thanks to Insigniafa for continuing to trust us.

Logo-Themed Corporate Finance Award

Creative glass trophy in the shape of a circle which has the client’s logo printed and the text of the transaction. Thanks to Rothschild of Madrid for trusting us.

Citi Crystal Awards

Business trophy for Citi bank in Latin America. In this design we based ourselves on the client’s logo, which we chose to do in metal.

Puzzle Themed Deal Toy

Financial lucite tombstone celebrating the merger between Enics- an electronics manufacturing services headquartered in Zurich and GVP.

Lucite Banking Award

Crystal deal tombstone made out of acrylic and crystal commemorating a Banking deal.

UK Logo Themed Deal Toy

Creative crystal award design based on Satispay’ logo – Satispays is an European payment network.

Anniversary Financial Lucite

Financial award commemorating one-year anniversary of six acquisitions.

Financial Award with Custom 3d Printing

Creative design, which has a 3D replica of the client’s logo. For the detail of the transaction, we place a rectangular glass. This trophy was created for our client in Panama.

Logo-Themed Financial Award

Creative glass design, which has the client’s logo printed and the text of the transaction. This trophy was made for Az Capital in Madrid.

Investment Banking Crystal Award

Classic Deal Toy Design with client’s logo cut in aluminium inserted between 2 crystal panels.

Houlihan Lokey 3D Print Financial Deal Toy

Very classic and at the same time creative award made out of clear glass and client’s logo in 3D Printed.

3D Print Tombstone Investment Banking Award

Very creative M&A tombstone with the client’s logo in 3D. The artist had to recreate the image on the background because of the bad quality of it and in the end, we did a very elegant gift for investment bankers.

Latam Corporate Trophy Award

Corporate crystal award commemorating an acquisition of Sifatec- a leader in agrochemical products in Mexico.

RBC Financial Deal Toy

Deal Tombstone equity offering to fund the development of the Southeast Gateway Pipeline, which is a 700 kilometre offshore pipeline in central Mexico.

Investment Banking Deal Trophy

Extravagant and creative crystal banking award with frosted deal text and metal logo cut out.

Elegant Crystal Award

Nice gold base with clear crystal and text etched on the front. 

Dominicana Financial Deal Toy

Creative crystal banking award commemorating a Bonus Debt in the Dominican Republic.

Investment Baking M&A Financial Plaque

This is a very classy financial banking award where we use a black crystal instead of a clear and the text is etched in white.

Corporate Crystal Trophy

Nice crystal corporate award based on the client’s logo with a frosted back and text etched on a crystal block.

Corporate Crystal Award

If you are looking for something simple and classy, why don’t we create a design based on your client’s logo, as we did with Centric – 3D cut-out letter painted silver.

Crystal Sandwich Logo Themed Deal Toy

One of a kind financial custom tombstone where we usually have the client’s logo in 3d aluminium cut out, between 2 crystal plaques and deal text on the frosted back. 

Logo Themed Deal Trophy

Corporate glass trophy based on the Lokímica logo for our client Deloitte in Spain.

Healthcare Logo Themed Lucite Tombstone

Creative crystal award based on the client’s logo with reverse imaged printed and etched on the frosted back. 

Custom 3D Printed Deal Tombstone

Here we can find part of the client’s logo cut in 3D letters sitting on a clear crystal base. Reverse printing on the other side of the deal toy with text etched on the front.

Exquisite Custom Award

Nice and clean deal tombstone design to commemorate senior credit facilities to Epic Staffing Group – a diversified national provider of staffing services to the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Zurich Financial Tombstone

A very classy and elegant Investment Banking Financial deal toy designed and manufactured for Variotech – a leader in plastic fabrication in Germany.

Logo Themed Tombstone

Logo-themed crystal tombstone marking a Non-Brokered Private Placement for Perimeter Medical, a pioneering medical technology company.

Branded Crystal Award

GoLucites employs a unique craft technique to design & create extravagant and exquisite creative crystal awards like the VSUSA trophy.

Logo Themed Investment Banking Trophy

We played different options related to our client’s logo and in the end, we did it in aluminium 2D cut out with color printing. Text on a traditional crystal plaque.