Legal Awards & Deal Toys

Since it was founded in 2019, Golucites has worked with various clients, from Bulge Bracket Banks, Investment Boutique Banks, and companies in different areas worldwide.

In the world of law firms and legal advice, we have designed magnificent legal tombstone ideas that can represent what the client wants. We have participated in projects related to judgment, successful agreements, advice, and everything that involves legal firms.

Legal Advisory Deal Toy

The client wanted to commemorate a legally settled deal with a fireman-themed trophy.
After a couple of options, our art team thought of incorporating a 3D fireman truck replica sitting on a nice crystal tombstone with text etched on the front.

Law Firm Deal Toy

Creative 2D Settlement Deal Trophy in the shape of a Sports Jersey with an image etched on the back and text printed on the front.

Law Firm Banking Trophy

Classy Legal award commemorating a judgment in a civil case.

Supreme Court Building Elegant Trophy

This award entirely made of glass is a replica of the Supreme Court’s facade.