Latin America Deal Toys

Here we can find most of the extravagant deal toys done for Bulge Bracket Banks and investment boutiques in Latin America.
Lucite awards that commemorate a unique transaction for any type of industry.

Institutional Real Estate Trophy

Award created for a Panama investment banking boutique. It is made completely in crystal. In addition, we have a replica of the Casas Grandes logo and 4 crystal houses.

Hotel Industry Deal Toy

This trophy is a replica of a Hotel luggage trolley. It was created to celebrate the sale of 100% of the shares of Bijao Beach Resort.

Logo Themed Corporate Award

This trophy is a replica of the Banco Guayaquil logo. It was created for our client Bladex from Panama. As we can see we have a black glass base with a glass rectangle with the details of the transaction. .

Institutional Crystal Trophy

A Financial trophy made entirely of crystal. It has a strip of blue glass, which gives it a more elegant appearance.

Panama Logo-Themed Lucite

Traditional but classy logo-themed crystal award with text and logo etched in color.

Corporate Event Crystal Trophy

Crystal trophy based on the client’s logo and product. In this case we etched an image of bananas on the back piece and text in bold printing on front.

Santander Financial Deal Toy

Very unique design where the artist incorporated Machu Picchu image in the background with its shape surrounded by the mountains and in order for the text to be visible, it was printed on a white font.

Solar Industry Deal Gift

Creative trophy of a crystal sun on a green base. This award was made for our client Gam Capital to celebrate the closing of an energy transaction in Latin America.

Financing Tombstone

What else can we say about this unique high-end crystal award. Fabulous, extravagant, Exquisite lucite tombstone award . Client wanted to commemorate two important transaction into one deal toy.

Custom Panama Deal Toy

A unique customized lucite Financial tombstone created for our client AES. The image is etched on the background with a frosted back and 2D acrylic letters glued on top of the base.

Margarita Financial Tombstone

On this occasion, our client Banreservas asked us for a creative deal tombstone based on its client’s logo “Margaritaville”. Together with the artist, we came up with a Margarita drink in 3D sitting on a nice black base.

Mining Deal Tombstone

Traditional rectangle block with the reverse image printed on the back for Minsur S.A., a leading mining company in Peru. 

Creative Transportation Themed Deal Toy

Bladex deal toy. Customized design with a black crystal base and a 2d printed truck, in addition to the 3d etching logo.

Logo Themed Rectangle Deal Toy

Financial deal toys for the purchase of Spradling in Colombia. A black crystal base and the logo are printed on the clear crystal.

Water Drop - Themed Crystal Deal Toy

Replica of Drop of water made in crystal for our client Atlantico Cap in Colombia.

Transmission Tower - Themed Deal Toy

Transmission tower made of metal on a black crystal base and a metal plate with the transaction of our client in Peru.

Telecommunication Tower - Themed Deal Toy

Telecommunications tower for our client from Colombia Atlantico Cap on a black base.

Car Tesla Transportation Deal Toy

The signing of a financial agreement for a company dedicated to the automotive industry in Peru. Award with a Tesla car on top of a black crystal base, accompanied by the clear glass with the printed transaction.

Dominican Republic Map Themed Deal Toy

A classy and elegant green Bond Certified deal tombstone made for AES Dominican.

Bank of America Financial tombstone

Creative deal tombstone made for a leading meat company in South America.

Oil & Gas Latin America Deal Toy

A very creative deal tombstone featuring a 3d etching gas pipe. Lucite made for one of the top leader natural gas company in the Dominican Republic.

Aes Deal Toy

AES Dominican deal tombstone made out aluminium base and letters in 3d crystal cut out.

Mexico Investment Banking Music Award

 A unique and extravagant music microphone crystal award. 

Latin America Deal Toy

A very creative and elegant deal toy made for one of the largest renewable energy manufacturers in Central America – CMI.

Santander Deal Toy

Classy fish themed deal tombstone commemorating a Senior secured term loan for a leading company in Peru.

Central America - Themed Deal Toy

A creative deal toy made out of crystal for a top leader company in Guatemala that specialize in the production and marketing of sugar.

Latin America Deal Toy

Financial tombstone featuring a 3D-etched map.
Celebrating a Senior unsecured Credit Facility deal in Colombia.

Map Themed Financial Tombstone

Latin America financial tombstone made out of crystal celebrating one of the largest capital increase telecom projects over the last 5 years in Latin America.

Aerospace Financial Tombstone

Airport Themed Deal Toy celebrating an Exchange Offer for Uruguayan Airport by Corporation America Airports who engages in the acquisition, development, and operation of airport concessions. It operates 52 airports in Latin America, Europe, and Eurasia.

Logo Themed Deal Toy

Financial tombstone made out of crystal. Logo Themed deal toy.

Latin America Financial Tombstone

Latin America deal toy made out of crystal with image screened on front.

Stone - Marble Custom Deal Toy & Lucite Award

A creative and simple stone financial deal toy done for a residential public utility company in Colombia.