Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Deal Toys

Healthcare financial tombstones creative ideas within different categories like clinical services, drug manufacturer, medical insurance and medical equipment deal toys are the most prefered options.

Healthcare Investement Banking Deal Toy

Lucite tombstone celebrating an acquisition of a MedTech distributor in Spain. 

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Financial Tombstone

Custom lucite award celebrating an acquisition of Palex- a MedTech distributor in Spain. 

Custom lucite awards

Lucite custom tombstone celebrating an M&A tombstone for a pharmaceutical company.

Lucite Financial Tombstone

Lucite Financial Tombstone

Lucite tombstone award featuring a clear and black crystal with image and tombstone etched on the front.

Stethoscope Themed Deal Toy

Custom crystal award where we can have an image screened on the back and text on frosted. The stethoscope can be outsourced from our certified third-party vendor.

DNA Strand - Biotech

Custom crystal pharmaceutical award celebration and important acquisition of lading development and manufacture of CIM.

Heart Themed Financial Tombstone

A unique custom resin award that use in a Healthcare deal.
This is one of the most creative award sitting on top of a flat crystal base and text etched on a silver plaque.

Hospital Themed Bed Deal Toys

Custom acrylic award used for the Healthcare industry.
Right in the front of the piece, we can add your client´s logo and tombstone etched on the sheet bed.