Food and Beverage Deal Toys

From a beer bottle deal toy to a milk box crystal award, Golucites can design creative glass deal toys.
If you have a design idea but don’t know how to incorporate it into a Lucite project, we can create a one of a kind food and beverage deal toy to commemorate your event.

Supermarket basket Deal Tombstone

Creative Supermarket Food Basket 3D Replica tombstone crafted for a prestigious food chain in Spain.

Beer Company Commemoration

Highly customized trophy that has a 3d replica of a Six Pack of drinks.

Peru Circle Variation Deal Toy

Traditional circle variation financial tombstone with a reverse image printed on the back with frosted text. Corporate award commemorating a Real Estate deal in Peru.

Peru Financial Deal Toy

Classy and Elegant crystal investment banking award. Design was based on our client’s logo. Here we have a nice 3D lucite red block with logo image etched on front and deal text color filled on a clear crystal block.

Toaster Financial Deal Toy

Are you ready for a piece of toasted bread? See our nice 3D toaster replica celebrating a $275 million acquisition for Centric Infrastructure group.

Animal Farm Financial Deal Toy

Creative animal farm-themed deal toy commemorating the acquisition of Grupo Omega – experts in animal production and nutrition.

Beer Bottle Deal Lucite tombstone

Let’s celebrate with a nice Beer replica deal toy. An investment banking transaction with OMLs – an onshore mining company in Nigeria.

Pizza 3D Deal Gift

This is a one-of-a-kind lucite deal toy. A nice 3D pizza replica made out of wood and resin. A great toy that is celebrating Carlos pizzeria’s acquisition in Madrid.

Pepsi Bottle Deal Toy

Is it a real Pepsi bottle? No, it is not. It is actually a cool 3D financial tombstone replica of it sitting on a flat crystal base and text color printed on a lucite block.

Pet Food Deal Tombstone

A creative pet food William Blair deal toy design by our art team together with our client who came up with very good ideas. Here we had to use a 3D printing resin technique and crystal with reverse image printing.

Truist Financial Tombstone

Smoothie shape themed custom deal tombstone commemorating a Senior Credit Facility.

BTG Pactual Investment Banking Deal Toy

Classic deal toy with a cut-out crystal and fruit image printed on back.

Food Industry Deal Toy

Glass replica of a product of the Levapan company in Latin America.

Deal Tombstone Gift

Creative rooster corporate recognition award, manufactured for a recognized acquisition deal in Spain.

Food & Beverages - Fish meal Deal Toy

An elegant and creative custom deal toy celebrating an acquisition of a majority stake in the Spanish leader in fish meal solutions. We did a nice crystal cut-out shape representing the main products of the client. Deal Tombstone etched on a traditional crystal block.

Food Market Deal Toy​

Custom 3D letter crystal cut-out deal toy celebrating an acquisition of an important food market chain in Peru.

Market food Financial Tombstone

A cool food market crystal award with images printed on front.

Champagne Deal Toy Replica

A nice replica made out of crystal with text and images etched in white and gold color.

Food and Beverage Financial Tombstone - Deal Toys

Custom crystal replica of a milk box commemorating an important transaction in Mexico.

Beer Bottle Deal Toy Financial Tombstone

A replica of a Colombian beer made out of crystal.

Food and Beverage Creative Deal Toy

Custom creative lucite celebrating an acquisition of Alsur – a food leader in the vegetable food industry in Spain.

Custom Deal Toy- Financial Tombstone

Custom food packaging made out of lucite with images screened on front. A deal toy celebrating an acquisition of Pasta Gallo – a well-known European pasta company over 60 years in business.

Milk Drop-Themed Deal Toy

The client was looking for a cloudy/marbled milk drop deal tombstone design to celebrate their 25 years anniversary.

Food and Beverage Deal Toys

Replica del tombstone marking the acquisition of La Gula del Norte.

Food and Beverage Deal Toys

Custom crystal award celebrating an acquisition of a leading food company that manufacture and produce soups.

Creative Dog food Resin & Crystal Deal Toy ​

Custom financial deal toy made out of resin and crystal. Resin material was used in order for the doggy bag to look more realistic. A crystal cut out was added to etched an image of a dog. Everything is sitting in a nice black crystal base.

Food and Beverage Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone.
Crystal cut out with images printed on front.

Custom Deal Toy- Financial Tombstone

A leaf crystal shape lucite where we can etch an image on the front and frosted tombstone on top.