Investment Banking Financial Tombstone

Most of our financial tombstones inquiries are logo themed related or based on the project name the deal was named.
Within the investment banking field, classy elegant basic crystal shapes are in the top orders.

Logo Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom Crystal Award combining a clear and black glass. Featuring
a 3d etched logo that make a very nice and elegant financial tombstone.

3D Deal Toy - Financial Award

A classic and elegant deal tombstone featuring a 3d cut out crystal logo . Deal tombstone etched on frosted back.

Financial Tombstone - Deal Toys

Creative Thor Hammer deal tombstone sitting on a custom water wave shape made out of crystal and text etched on a silver plaque.

Custom Deal Toy - Financial Tombstone

Logo themed award made out of resin and crystal. Text etched and crystal frosted.

Financial Tombstone - Disney Deal Toy

A custom creative design based on the project’s name . Mickey toy was outsourced from our third party certified seller. Frosted crystal with tombstone etched.

Financial Tombstone - Hulk

A classy and creative lucite award representing the project’s name ” Hulk” . Item was outsourced from our third party certified seller ship directly to our factory to assemble the whole piece. Frosted crystal on back and tombstone etched on it.

Wood Deal Toys - TOOLBOX

A creative wood deal toy done for a healthcare medical device and product development company. 

Logo Themed Real Estate

Logo Themed Financial Tombstone

Creative lucite award based on the client’s logo. Deal text etched on front and tombstones etched on a silver plaque.

Logo Themed Deal Toy

Classy rectangular crystal award featuring the client’s logo etched on front. Black crystal on back and deal text on frosted.

Logo-Themed Deal Toy

Irreguar crsytal shape with a removable sphere feauturing its client logo 3d etched.

Investment Banking Deal Toy

Financial tombstone featuring a 3D logo cut out. Tombstone and image screened.

Investment Banking - Financial Tombstone

Apollo Statue financial tombstone conmemorating an adquisition of a real estate investment trust  headquarted in Pennsylvannia.  Seeing that the project name was Appllo, we outsourced an Apollo statue and place it on top of a marble base. Tombstones screened on a silver plaque.

Creative Deal Toy

Creative custom lucite featuring a 3d laser etched logo and a mix of 3 crystal colors with images of the deal transaction etching on back.

Financial Tombstone custom made deal toy

Custom Made Deal Toy

Custom deal toy shape featuring a custom cut out crystal logo inserted in the middle of a plaque. Frosted back so text can be readable and lucite sitting on a classy black base.

Logo-Themed Tombstone deal

Elegant investment banking deal toy.

Deal Finance M&A Deal Toy

Classy & Elegant crystal deal toy based on the client’s logo.

Creative Finance Logo-Themed Deal Toy

Custom finance deal toy commemorating an important M&A deal for Talcott Resolution.

Classic Deal Finance Tombstone - GoLucites

Classic Deal Finance Tombstone

A nice traditional clear crystal award sitting on top of a black base. Text and images are etched on the front.

Macquarie deal toy

M&A tombstone made out of white and clear crystal with images printed on front.

Investment Banking Deal Toy

Investment Banking Deal Toy

Creative crystal deal toy featuring the logo etched on back. We yourds red, black and clear crystal.

M&A Deal Tombstone

Custom 3D Crystal cut out deal toy.

Tombstone Deal

Logo-Themed Financial tombstone conmemorating an acquisition of a leading worlwide manufacturer of surgical disposable products.

Classic Healthcare and pharmaceutical

Corporate Deal Toy

Extravagant and creative logo themed deal toy featuring a surgical 3d product made out of crystal and logo etched on the back of the shadow box.

Diamond-Shaped Crystal Deal Toy

Diamond-Shaped Crystal Deal Toy

Diamond Investment banking tombstone commemorating a banking deal in Europe.

Classy Deal Toy

Creative crystal award featuring client’s logo on color. Frosted crystal with tombstone etched on front.

Corporate financial tombstone

Very classy and elegant lucite conmmemorating an M&A financial deal in Madrid, Spain.

Financial Tombstone - Investment Banking

Custom financial deal toy featuring a 3d crystal globe replica sitting on top of a lucite block. Tombstone screened on the base.

Investment Banking - Financial Tombstone

Creative spinning themed deal toy where we can screened any image on the lucite block and text needs to be frosted. 

Investment Banking -Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone featuring a 3D Saturn resin replica sitting on a irregular crystal base.

Financial Tombstone Custom Deal Toy

Financial tombstone made out crystal. Fintech crystal award.