Entertainment and Sports Deal Toys

Custom sports deal toys celebrating a business transaction can be a very fun project for our creative art department.
We always look for the best deal toys ideas in every industry and for sports we have done for example a soccer shoe, football themed deal toy, baseball themed award and even a sword lucite.

Extravagant Gift in Madrid

Extravagant award created in resin. This trophy is a soccer field. As we can see on the screen we have the details of the transaction and a printed image. Also, both the players and the camera are 100% removable.

Volcano 3D Financial Lucite

Creative 3D Deal toy combining resin and crystal material together with UV printing.

Lincoln International Financial Tombstone

A very creative sports industry deal, tombstone designed and manufactured for Lincoln International. We used our latest technology to create a nice 3D replica of the Nike shoe sitting on top of a nice black acrylic base and tombstones inside a wood cabinet.

3D Printed and Crystal deal toy

Creative design with a mix of 3D printing technique and 3D laser etching in a crystal block.

Swimming Pool Financial Tombstone

Creative swimming pool deal trophy created from William Blair Investment Boutique Banking. The customized award is made out of resin and crystal with UV printing.

Water Park Extravagant Award

A creative and customized pool slide crafted for Gam Capital to commemorate a successful water park transaction.

Banking Financial Tombstone

Corporate Financial trophy commemorating a merger acquisition of Coolabi “a leading independent international media group specializing in the creation of children’s and family intellectual property rights”

Truist Financial Deal Toy

One of a kind of creative financial tombstone made out of crystal, featuring 3D etching images and text floating inside the lucite block. On the slanted base, we have a 3D map with a Resin trumpet and deal text etched on a silver plaque.

Gaming Financial Tombstone

This amazing creative trophy is a custom-made gaming PC in resin together with a classic and elegant glass with the transaction.

Gamer Room - Themed Germany Deal Toy

William Blair M&A Frankfurt Deal Toy. A gamer room made from a combination of materials such as resin, glass, and wood, achieving a creative and customized trophy.

Gaming Venture Fund Deal Tombstone

Creative crystal plaque featuring a nice 3D digital token and headset etched inside the crystal block. All 3 crystal blocks are sitting on a flat clear crystal base with a recess.

Chinese Pagoda Deal Plaque

Elegant and classy deal tombstone commemorating an investment banking deal.

Fantasy Football League Trophy Award

Ninja Squirrel 2021 crystal award done for Georgetown University.

Bank of America Casino Deal Plaque

Creative lucite deal tombstone with a 3D printing casino game.

Football Themed Financial Tombstone

Sport Themed Financial tombstone made out of acrylic. Tombstone image screened on the base with removable flag poles. 

Sword Themed Financial Tombstone

Financial tombstone made out of wood. 
Sword outsourced from a third party seller. Tombstone etched on a silver plaque.

Stadium Financial Deal Toys

Custom financial tombstone. University of Texas Financial deal toy. We did a base made out of stone and an octagon cut out crystal shape with tombstone screened on the front.

Shoe Themed Sports Deal Toy

A unique custom sport shoe themed deal toy made out of resin and sitting on top of a black wood base. Text etched on a silver plaque. 

Deal Toy - Financial Tombstone

Skateboard Custom deal toy made out of resin and image on the bottom is hand painted. A very nice and unique lucite done for an investment bank boutique in Peru.

Financial Tombstone - Custom Deal Toy

Custom arcade lucite made out of acrylic. We had to recreate all the images on the side for quality purpose. A nice and elegant deal toy done for a investment banking boutique in South America, Peru.

Creative Crystal Award

Creative 3D laser etched crystal award celebrating a Seed and Series A Investment in a gaming company.

Scotiabank Custom Lucite

Latin America cool deal tombstone featuring orchestral instruments printed on top of a white crystal base.

Media TV Lucite Tombstone

Classic and elegant trophy for the film and TV industry. This award includes a TV camera and 2 recording studio lights in 2d cut out. It was made for our client Rothschild in Madrid.

Las Vegas Sign Deal Toy

A custom creative lucite shape designed for a personal gift.

Football - Financial Tombstone

Custom arcade Lucite made out of acrylic. We had to recreate all the images on the side for quality purposes. A nice and elegant deal toy done for an investment banking boutique in South America, Peru.

Entertainment and Sports - Financial Tombstone

Crystal custom award featuring a 3d etched image. Great Piece for player of the day event or for employee recognition awards.

Financial Tombstone - Custom Deal Toy

Creative TV stands financial tombstone that can be done in wood and acrylic. Crystal will be very fragile to transport.  An image can be screened on the TV and frosted text.