Energy Financial Tombstone

Energy and Resources themed deal toys mostly done for the investment banking field.
Our artist love designing a few options related to Utilities and Energy services industry either in acrylic, resin, or crystal.

Energy and Resources Wind Turbine Deal Gift

Recognizing the first green bonds in the Dominican Republic for Ege Haina – A sustainable energy leader company in the country.

Shell Deal Toy

Energy and Resources Deal Gift produced for Heirs Oil & Gas – Africa’s largest, indigenous-owned, oil and gas company, headquartered in Nigeria.

Solar Panel Crystal Award

Celebrating the acquisition in the Solar and Wind Power Generation industry in Brazil.

Wind Turbine Deal Toy

Celebrating the acquisition in the Wind Power Generation industry. Investment banking deal in Brasil and China.

Energy Themed Financial Tombstone

Commemorating a Term Loan Refinancing. Blades made out of resin. IB deal in Perú.

Solar Panel Deal Toy

Commemorating a sale of a merchant solar power company in Chile.

Lightbulb Deal Toy

Celebrating a sale of a leading Spanish electric material distributor.

Energy & Resources Deal Toy​

Energy Map themed deal toy made out of crystal and deal text/logos etched on the front.