Employee Recognition Deal Toys

A thank you crystal award is a nice trophy that most companies order to celebrate an achievement or goal obtained by a group of employees. Employee recognition awards can be customized by adding the years of business an employee has been part of a company.

Creative Phoenix -Themed Deal Toy

Tombstone made for Fibra Hotel is a custom glass design. Each piece was personalized with the name of each member of the transaction. It is a blue crystal with the logo printed on the front.

Sponsorship Financial Deal Toy

Classy & Elegant crystal award that can be given not only as a sponsorship award but also as a speaker award, employee recognition trophies, and many other options.

Corporate Recognition Award

Very classy and elegant circle deal gift made in clear crystal with a flat black base. 

Circle Variation Crystal Award

Traditional half sphere crystal trophy commemorating a milestone in Gamechange Solar company. 

Team Member Recognition Award

Here we have a mix of clear red crystals featuring the client’s logo in 3d etching. The text was etched directly on the black crystal base.

Customized Deal Award

Customized crystal cut-out deal tombstone celebrating a deal finance transaction in the security industry.

Bespoke Crystal Deal Toy

A creative and classy Legal financial tombstone made out of crystal and base color painted. 

Classic Traditional Deal Tombstone

An award made for investment banking Copper Street in the United States. Made entirely of glass with the logo printed on the front.

Heart-Themed Crystal Deal Tombstone

Business trophy for the employees of the Noonday Collection company, which is made of glass with the logo in 3d etching inside.

Pentagon Deal Lucite

Merger & Acquisition crystal deal trophy sitting on a nice black crystal base and color-filled text etched on top.

Deal Tombstone Corporate Award

A nice mix of light purple and black crystal featuring the company’s logo 3d etch. Employee recognition trophies and plaques will suit your award needs within your budget.

Employee Appreciation Award

A nice solid block of crystal with all the images printed on each angle and text color filled on top.

Speaker Investment Banking Crystal Award

Celebrating an event in the aerospace industry in Mexico. Frosted crystal with tombstone etched on the front and images printed on the back.

Trophy Investment Banking Deal Toy

Yearly award recognizing employee success. Award made out of crystal, and we have part of the tombstone on acetate and an aluminium base.

Employee Recognition Plaque

At Golucites we strive to provide high-end crystal awards
to commemorate either an important business deal transaction or to recognize an employee. 

Corporate employee recognition award

Classic crystal employee recognition plaque that was designed and manufactured for Capital One during their yearly holiday event.

Employee Recognition Award

Custom employee recognition award with text screened on the front, celebrating a Talent and Excellence Program for Santander Bank.

Employee Recognition Deal Toy

Classy crystal award with text etched on a gold plaque. This is a very nice and classy crystal employee award that was given for a great commitment and dedication to a job well done.

Rocket Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom employee recognition award made out of resin, crystal, and wood base. We added a silver plaque for the deal text to be etched.

Employee Recognition Award

Golf tournament crystal award featuring a 3d etched image. Tombstone can be etched on the bottom, or we can have a frosted crystal.