Education Deal Toys

Our creative art team has designed school bus themed deal toys, graduation cap awards and last but not least, open book crystal awards. These are the prefered options for the investment banking industry when it comes to education deal toy ideas.

Macquarie Book Themed Education Deal Toy

Custom book financial tombstone made out of crystal. On one side we have the client´s logo 3d etched and on the other side, tombstone screened.


3D Printing Education Deal Plaque

An extravagant 3D printing deal tombstone made out of resin and crystal. Images and text were etched with a UV printing technique in order to come out with a nice quality product.



Book Education Financial Tombstone

Custom investment banking book-themed deal toy featuring a 3d-etched map and tombstone can be screened on front.

Education Board Themed Financial Tombstone

A custom creative wood award that can be used to celebrate a merger deal. Tombstone can be etched on the front.

Graduation Cap Themed Deal Toy

Custom Lucite graduation cap deal toy and text can be etched on top. Excellent award to conmmemorate a merger within the education industry.

Education Deal Toy

Crystal graduation cap award featuring a 3d-etched image.
Mostly use to celebrate an M&A financial deal.