E-Commerce Deal Toys

Custom financial e-commerce tombstones designs we have done over the past are a cash register deal toy, a shopping cart and creative design based on the client’s logo.

Ecommerce Themed Financial Tombstone

Financial resin award that can be used to celebrate an online shopping transaction.  Cash register done in resin and tombstone screened on a lucite block.

Consumer and Retail Financial Tombstone

Custom financial tombstone made out of crystal with images screened and printed on the back. Shopping cart toy outsourced from our third-party certified vendor.

Phone-Themed Deal Tombstone

Cell phone replica in resin with printed image on the front on a transparent glass base.
This deal toy was made for Bofa in a transaction with an important digital company in Latin America.

Cosmetic 3D Deal Tombstone Bottle Replica

A unique haircare cosmetic hair product 3D replica, commemorating the acquisition of Lakme Inspired haircare Рa globally well-known company that offers quality products and cutting-edge technology in professional hair. 

Consumer and Retail Deal Tombstone

A custom acrylic award that can be used for a merger transaction. Images screened on top and we can add your client¬īs logo 3d cut out on top of the piece and text etched on a silver plaque.