Construction and Industrial Deal Toys

Industrial financial tombstones can be done in pewter, resin or acrylic material commemorating a M&A deal.
Our creative artist love to work with the design ideas your team may have in order to create a unique custom award.

Recycling Themed Deal Toy

Crane truck deal truck picking up a recycling block of ferrous & non-ferrous materials. 

Construction and Industrial Deal Tombstone

Custom financial deal toy recognizing a developing of 14,900 homes. 

Construction and Industrial Deal Toy

Industrial financial tombstone. Pewter beam sitting on a black crystal base. Tombstone screened on front.

Construction Crane Themed Financial Tombstone

Construction crane can be made out of wood and painted silver. The deal tombstone will be screened on the lucite block .

Industrial & Construction Financial Tombstone

Creative financial deal toy made out of pewter and crystal. Pewter material was used to create the construction beams. The rest of the Deal Toy was made out of pure crystal in the shape of the client’s logo.

Wood Pallet Financial Tombstone

A creative wood pallet deal toy celebrating an acquisition from a multibillion American company that distributes wood and alternative products.

Cement Themed Financial Tombstone

Custom financial acrylic award connmemorating a sale of a leading provider of construction materials in Peru.

Construction and Industrial - Financial Tombstone

Custom lucite made out of pewter and wood. The tombstone will be etched on a silver plaque.

William Blair Deal Toy

Construction Financial Tombstone marking the acquisition of German-based firm Gea Bock.

Construction and Industrial Deal Tombstone

GoLucites is one of the lucite market leaders at designing and manufacturing construction and industrial financial deal tombstones.