Cloud Storage and Data Financial Tombstones

Data Storage and Security Deal Toys. We have done creative design ideas incorporating data storage themes like a security lock crystal award, a crystal cloud shape, a fiber optic deal toy and many others.

Data Centre Deal Toy

Traditional and creative rectangle lucite commemorating a data centre financial deal.

Data Storage Financial Tombstone

Acrylic cloud and data storage design that can commemorate an important deal in the IT Industry. Cloud crystal cut-out shape where we can screen your client’s logo and text can be etched on the frosted back.

Unifin Deal Toy

Unique Deal Plaque made our of crystal based on the client’s logo and a data centre image etched on the back.

3D Etching Tombstone Shape

Corporate Tombstone Gift produced for GreenLake with a nice 3d etching figure on a crystal sphere

London Data Centre Deal Toy

Crystal deal toy, celebrating the acquisition of a portfolio of data centres in the UK.

Computer Themed Deal Toy

Custom computer replica deal toy made out of crystal with images printed on the screen and keyboard.

Fiber Optic Financial Tombstone

A custom acrylic award that can be manufacture to celebrate a Fiber-optic communication financial deal. 

Cloud Themed Financial Tombstone

Crystal award deal toy featuring a fiber optic and data lock 3d-etched image. Cloud data storage industry themed.

Data Storage & Security Deal Tombstone

Elegant cloud-themed deal plaque commemorating an acquisition of Techex – a world-leading technology innovator.