Chile Deal Toys

GoLucites in Chile is well recognized to come up with creative and extravagant deal toys designs and the most important within the given budget.

It has been a pleasure and honor for us to be able to assist on very important deals. We currently assist the Santiago de Chile territory but we are expanding our services to the rest of the country.

Toll Road-Themed Financial Awards

A deal toy made for Santander Chile. In this project, we were asked for a highway toll, which we did in crystal with printed art and a car.

BTG Pactual Deal Tombstone

Classic deal toy with a cut-out crystal and fruit image printed on the back.

Chile Energy Financial Trophy

Corporate award for our client BTG Pactual celebrating a successful and important transaction in the energy industry. 

Renewable Energy Chile Deal Toy

Financial tombstone made for Asset Chile. 3D windmills are made out of resin and 3D-printed trees. Back frosted crystal that contains the map of Chile printed on the edge.

Pipeline Deal Toy in Chile

Custom deal tombstone featuring a white gas tank and pipelines made out of resin and crystal with the LNG ship printed on a crystal cut out.

Recognition Award for the Acquisition of Solar Panels

Solar panel replica with a glass base with printed text. This was a trophy made for our client BTG Pactual.

LNG Gas Tank Deal Toy

Commemorating an acquisition of a Chilean company that sells LPG which is unloaded and stored as its facilities through pipelines.

Solar Panel Lucite Award

Creative solar energy resources deal toy celebrating a purchase to a renewable energy developer from the USA in Chile.

Pharmacy Shape-Themed Deal Toy

Creative design in the shape of a Chilean Pharmacy structure commemorating a stake in Socofar, a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry in Chile.

Trophy for Telecommunications

Extravagant Trophy from Chile commemorates the sale of 100% of the shares of Transemel, a leader in the telecommunications sector.