Chicago Deal Toys

GoLucites has been recognized as one of the top Deal Toy suppliers within the industry. In Chicago, we have created custom deal tombstones for boutique investment banks such as Macquarie, Lincoln International, William Blair, and many others.

Our in-house art department with over 12 years of experience knows very well the process in terms of the layout and deal text font that most investment banking firms in Chicago use.

Corporate Crystal Award

A very classy black and light purple crystal award with the company logo 3D etched inside the crystal.

Chicago Real Estate Deal Toy

A unique crystal award based on the client’s logo with the city image printed on the front and back. In this case, the base was frosted instead of clear crystal and deal text etched on it.

Macquarie M&A Deal Toy

Investment banking deal toy celebrating an M&A acquisition of a private online college.

Macquarie Education Deal Toy

An elegant crystal book tombstone celebrating an M&A deal transaction with a Mexican Education Company.

Swimming Pool Deal Toy

Creative swimming pool deal trophy created by William Blair Investment Boutique Banking. The customized award is made out of resin and crystal with UV printing.

Banking Deal Toy

A nice crystal financial tombstone celebrating an M&A acquisition advised by William Blair.

DNA-Themed Biotech Deal Toy

Corporate Trophy for a company in the field of biotechnology in Europe. This deal toy has a DNA engraved in 3d inside the crystal.

Custom 3D Printed Financial Awards

Here we can find part of the clientโ€™s logo cut in 3D letters sitting on a clear crystal base. Reverse printing on the other side of the deal toy with text etched on the front.

Pudding Deal Toy

One of the top deal toys we have done in the Food & Beverage category. Rice pudding is made out of resin and acrylic with the deal text etched on a frosted crystal.