Canada Deal Toys

During the past years, GoLucites has been recognized as a premier Deal toy Manufacturer in Canada and globally.
We have designed and creative Lucite tombstones for each finance deal transaction.

RBC Capital Markets Deal Toy

Nice acrylic customized map-themed financial tombstone with transaction details etched in color invented for RBC Capital Markets in Canada.

Canada Financial Deal Toy

Deal Tombstone equity offering to fund the development of the Southeast Gateway Pipeline, which is a 700 kilometre offshore pipeline. Logo made out of 3D aluminium cut out with text etched on front of a crystal glass.

Canada Logo Themed Tombstone

Logo-themed crystal tombstone marking a Non-Brokered Private Placement for Perimeter Medical, a pioneering medical technology company in Canada.

Canada Fighter Jet Deal Toy

A Creative Fighter Jet Financial tombstone in 3D Printing sitting on a nice black crystal base and text etched on a silver plaque. Very cool and creative Canadian deal toy design.

Corporate Crystal Trophy

Trophy made for an investment bank in Canada. Made entirely of crystal with an image printed on the back, and with an elegant black glass base.

Deal Toys for the National Bank of Canada

Extravagant financial prize created in glass and metal. It has the client’s logo engraved on the back and the text printed on the front.

Classic Deal Toys for Canada

Classic but elegant award that has a light blue base as well as our client’s logo. In the upper part, we can see a glass rectangle with an image printed inside it and the frosted text.

Deal Toys for RBC Client

Crystal Trophy celebrating CBREยดs acquisition. This deal gift is made of dark grey crystal base. On top a nice crystal cut out with reverse image printed and text etched on front.

Canada Logo Themed Glass Award

Deal toys for financial agreement made in glass. In the middle it has a replica of the client’s logo which is made of resin. As we can see, we have the text of the transaction printed and frosted on the glass.